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From an early age always interested in Mechanical Engineering particularly Motor Vehicles and Aeronautical engineering.

And spent over 20 years working in the motor trade but changed career to the computer industry developing application for the motor trade and large database management systems which contain records in excess of 800 Million.

Recent years saw a change personally to use geo thermal heating and other green sources of energy. Focusing on the wind turbine. He has been determined to improve its design and performance to make it the most efficient in its class.

Coincidentally the founders met and soon decided together their combined skills they could develop a groundbreaking design to build an advanced Wind Turbine which would reflect 21st century design and performance for the now and the future.



I was brought up in an engineering family.
From the age of eight I started to go into the family business on Saturdays and school holidays, and this both fuelled my interest in engineering and started my understanding on how things work and are made.

Working in all areas of the company I received a solid grounding in mechanical and electrical engineering. Entering the company on a full time basis when I was 18, by 21 I was a fully qualified electro mechanical fitter, with extensive experience in machining and sheet metal.

Moving on to design, development and commissioning after that, I became the Engineering Director by 26.

My former company is the market leader in green combustion technology and a large part of those products are a result of my efforts.

Since going it alone I have designed various combustion products, pumps, helicopters and manufacturing jigs. I am an inventive person who relishes a challenge and the Vertogen product most definitely offers that.


A project with this Potential for Global requirement will need significant Investment, Foresight, Infrastructure and Management.

We are seeking Partners, Investors or Owners to take this and change the design of VAWT designs forever and make Clean Energy accessible for all.

Intellectual Property. Potential IP Licencing revenue is huge and significant protection needs to be in place so we require a large Company to implement this.
The technology behind our VAWT is the subject of pending UK patent application GB1710753.3. This application is currently undergoing accelerated completion as part of the UKIPO's Green Channel programme. We are hopeful that the application will be successful soon.

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