Vertogen now have the components to assemble a complete working VAWT. A portable ground level system will facilitate mounting the VAWT to test the whole mechanical assemble for the next few Months.

The VAWT will be driven 24/7 without the blades by a DC Motor at various speeds to test the mechanical components for long term reliability.

This will also allow fine tuning to maximise this unique variable pitch and governor system for other applications like mechanical output for driving machines, pumps etc and electricity generation.

Once this stage has been completed the Blades and Generator will be attached to produce Electricity and will allow us to measure the output and efficiency of the complete system.

We expect to connect this to an existing property for on and off grid testing. The existing property has geo thermal heating and we are also introducing Solar panels.

We hope the whole system can demonstrate that the different types of green renewables can be shown as a complete self-sustaining system in a real working environment.