Vertogen  2014 – 2018  update

Our journey started in 2008. 
Here are the recent events in Vertogen development.

It’s been 10 years now since we first started to try and completely redesign the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) and focus on all the weaknesses they have to resolve them. From 2014 we have had a great deal of help from Inventya Ltd who have secured two prestigious Grants in 2014 and 2016, from Innovate UK.

Without Inventya Ltd this would not have happened and we recognise this. We would like highlight their help, commitment, vision and professionalism and also the same for Innovate UK for their patience and helpfulness.

Under the Energy Catalyst Scheme the funds have helped us build a complete a full size working Central Core which operates the Multi-Function Core Mechanism.

The Criteria of the grant was to take the theory and build a complete Multi -Function Core, which has now been achieved.

What were the main objectives?

  • Create a Variable Pitch Mechanism which would optimise lift from multiple blades and reduce lift from the remaining.
  • Create a mechanical Governor to Control the RPM so the VAWT could operate autonomously without any external friction type braking system.
  • The other function was to create an adjustable output so it would function for multiple applications like electric generation and mechanical output E.G. Connect to Mechanical Pumps, compressors etc. Electric generation require much higher RPM while mechanical output requires lower RPM and much more Torque.
  • Create an Internal Mechanical integrated Wind Direction Unit.
  • Creating a variable pitch mechanism requires the leading blade to face the oncoming wind which creates the lift. While the Cacophony of the components from the core rotates around this, it needs to stay stationary and hold steady against the frictional forces of rotation and also hold into the oncoming wind. Without this mechanism working correctly the VAWT will not function.

Other Problems not expected and solved.

Having completed the Multi -Function Core it was soon became clear, although the whole VAWT functions well and clearly shows variable pitch movement, there was no method of recording vital information such as pitch movement at various RPM. Seeking external help was very difficult, there is a lack of expertise, hardware or software product was not available. After all this is a unique product and that was the main reason why it was not available.

To compound the problem the data information has to be gathered from a moving machine which meant an internal computer was required to acquire the data recording. After many weeks of deliberation we decided to build our own data logger from various Micro Processor boards available and attach customise hardware that could records RPM, Linear movement, vibration etc.

Eventually we built a bespoke system that was mounted in the VAWT that not only recorded the data we required, but it can send data wirelessly to a laptop or to the Web. This technology will allow us in the future to monitor and control the VAWT any location remotely.

What did this achieve?

Clearly the information gathered allowed us to adjust the Governor and pitch mechanism to operate at various RPM. This flexibility allow the product to be used for various applications of generating energy electrical or mechanical, the opportunity is huge.

Next Stage

We now need to attach Arms, Linkages, Blade grips and Blades to complete the VAWT.

Design has now been completed and our Blade manufacture is now producing our 1st proto-type.
Record the Output of the VAWT to ascertain the correct Permanent Magnet Generator (P.M.G) required.
Procure a PMG that matches of requirement. There a 2 types of PMG’s and we expect that the Axial type is most suited for low RPM and high output. There isn’t a PMG available that has the necessary bearing support to attach our VAWT because most mount directly. The cantilever forces produced would soon cause the PMG to fail.

We have now started to redesign the VAWT base to mount onto its own heavy duty bearing assemble. This makes the VAWT a standalone Unit and makes it more robust.

Electric Generation.

In order to keep the system flexible we have designed a totally Turn-key System with the help from experts in the industry with a long and proven experience in accomplishing all expected requirements from future customers.

  • Our hybrid system will work with Solar panels, produce Energy for Off and On Grid.
  • ON Grid allows electricity from to export to the Grid.
  • OFF Grid allows storage of the Electricity for Customers own use using the new Lithium battery technology.

Generally opinion is that local supply with become more necessary as ageing infrastructure becomes overloaded and there is an incremental requirement for more efficient and reliability.

The Standalone system will become more popular for Remote Locations, large houses, communities, businesses and even be used for freestanding charging stations for the explosion of Electric Vehicle.

Recently a very important document has been releases from academics in the USA predicting this and greatly emphasising the use of more Efficient VAWT, if they are available. Well it is here NOW.
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We are also working on a Portable system which features a foldable arm blade mechanism mounted on a HGV (heavy goods platform) for emergency situations. Natural disasters, temporary, military requirements.

The VAWT can also be mounted horizontally and can be mounted on a high building where the design can be integrated and access the high winds.

Hydro/Tidal product would make the turbine extremely powerful as water is 76 times denser that air.


The design is scalable so its applications are from Households, Wind Farms and even boats and ships. Wind Farms VAWT need 10 times less space to work than normal Wind Turbines (HAWT, Horizontal Wind Turbines) and they are almost Silent.


A project with this Potential for Global requirement will need significant Investment, Foresight, Infrastructure and Management.

We are seeking Partners, Investors or Owners to take this and change the design of VAWT designs forever and make Clean Energy accessible for all.

Intellectual Property. Potential IP Licencing revenue is huge and significant protection needs to be in place so we require a large Company to implement this.
The technology behind our VAWT is the subject of pending UK patent application GB1710753.3. This application is currently undergoing accelerated completion as part of the UKIPO's Green Channel programme. We are hopeful that the application will be successful soon.

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