Variable Pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

After 12 years of investment and development by an innovative UK Company we are now offering an opportunity for partners to join us in the final stages to refine, build and roll out on  global basis.
A patented design that will impact and reach across the globe to make a true difference to All and the Environment.

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Vertogen NEWS – March 2022

Vertogen NEWS – Update from January to April 2021.


Just keeping you updated on our progress.

Recent work has refined the performance within normal working conditions.

To dynamically monitor the variable pitch system, we designed and installed wireless hardware to a turbine blade to monitor VAWT blade pitch, RPM, Voltage, Watts, Generator RPM, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and full weather conditions. All monitored data can be viewed on a web page and collected for analysis.

This valuable information now allows us to adjust the pitch and maintain its holding position until we need to deaccelerate the VAWT at the correct RPM. Further adjustments have been made to the wind direction unit, which advances the starting position of the positive  pitch mechanism to further increase performance; similar to that found on vehicle ignition and timing systems.

We have also designed a gearbox that has allowed us to optimise the ratio between the VAWT and Generator.

This compilation of modifications has now enabled us to improve performance more than we have ever achieved and hopefully we can soon release our performance data to the hundreds of our global followers.

Mike Chung I.M.I

Vertogen NEWS

Vertogen NEWS

Vertogen NEWS

What is Vertogen?


Vertogen have developed the mechanism to create a Unique VAWT that not only has Variable Pitch but includes adaptable and adjustable pitch control system with a fully mechanical integrated governor. This equates to a Turbine that can be tuned to start easily, operate at a Given RPM without any external Control Automatically.

Known Problems with other VAWT Turbines

Starting – Efficiency – Control – Reliability – Flexibility – Safety – Narrow operating conditions




Although many efforts have improved the VAWT by New Materials, Blade Design and some minor design changes NONE have addressed all of the above.

The key is to develop a Pitch system that takes full advantage of aerodynamic lift and drag properties coupled to an Integrated Governor.

Create a mechanism that creates lift from Multiple Blades and reduce drag from the remaining ones in the acceleration mode and to reduce RPM create drag from multiple blades.

Integrated with our Governor the VAWT operates Autonomously.

The VAWT is fully mechanical and needs no external electric or mechanical devices. Keeping the unit Simple to install and safe in operation.

VAWT FIRST LIVE TEST Driven by wind – June 2019

VAWT FIRST TEST with blades – April 2019

VAWT testing without blades – October 2018


Our Variable pitch allows easier starting at low wind speeds.


Because our VAWT produces energy when other turbines most are stationary due to LOW or HIGH wind conditions and it produces more torque.

Most Designs normally get lift from one blade and drag from other blades. Our design takes lift from multiple blades and minimizes drag from the none performing blades. When the operating RPM has been reached all blades have minimal movement. The governor constantly monitors the RPM and will apply the changes, positive or negative pitch when the VAWT is operating outside its predetermined RPM.

  • Unique Design
  • High Efficiency
  • Self-Starting
  • Auto Governor
  • Fully Mechanical
  • Low Noise
  • Adjustable Performance


The VAWT can be tuned to operate within a chosen operation environment, When to start, operate at a pre-determined RPM, Reduce RPM Automatically.


Pitching the Blades correctly at the appropriate position within the Rotation Cycle and limiting RPM reduce stress and vibration through all components. 5 Blades also reduce pulsing like two, three or four bladed Units. The Generator
will output a more stable Voltage to the Charge Controller.


Pitch and RPM Control can be adjusted to allows the Turbine produce more torque. Operating RPM can be adjusted to
work with different devices like Permanent Magnet Generators (Electric Generation) and Mechanical devices like Pumps, machinery, compressors etc.


High Wind Conditions. The Integrated Governor will control the RPM. As the RPM exceeds the operating chosen limits. Using the Advantages of the lift technology to increase RPM we reverse the pitch mechanism which deaccelerates the VAWT. Our VAWT can operate in Low and High Wind Conditions. I.E operate when others at Stationary.

Thank you to Inventya Ltd & Innovate UK

From 2014 we have had a great deal of help from Inventya Ltd who have secured 2 prestigious Grants in 2014 and 2016 from Innovate UK. Without Inventya Ltd this would not have happened and we recognise this. We would like highlight their help, commitment, vision and professionalism. Innovate UK also played a major role and we thank them for the recognition, help and belief.

NEWS – Assembled and Live Testing now

NEWS – Assembled and Live Testing now

Vertogen now have the components to assemble a complete working VAWT. A portable ground level system will facilitate mounting the VAWT to test the whole mechanical assemble for the next few Months. The VAWT will be driven 24/7 without the blades by a DC Motor at...

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A project with this Potential for Global requirement will need significant Investment, Foresight, Infrastructure and Management.

We are seeking Partners, Investors or Owners to take this and change the design of VAWT designs forever and make Clean Energy accessible for all.

Intellectual Property. Potential IP Licencing revenue is huge and significant protection needs to be in place so we require a large Company to implement this.
The technology behind our VAWT is the subject of pending UK patent application GB1710753.3. This application is currently undergoing accelerated completion as part of the UKIPO's Green Channel programme. We are hopeful that the application will be successful soon.

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